Sell your seminars or online courses via the Adobe Connect WooCommerce integration plugin!

Check it out here:

This plugin once activated will create a new tab under Product Information section of the WooCommerce product editing screen where you will have a number of option to select from. One of them is the meeting/course that you need to select from the drop down selection box (see the admin settings page for the place to enter your Adobe Connect admin details).

Once someone will purchase this product, the plugin will create a user on Adobe Connect server, the user will be sent a welcome note from Adobe Connect server (if you choose this option in the settings for this plugin) and also in the Order Completed notification that WooCommerce sends out they will have their login name and password and the link to the meeting/course that they purchased access to.

Automate your selling of online events, webinars or courses on Adobe Connect!

Well, it’s finally here: WooCommerce to Adobe Connect connector plugin!

Now even with the Single Sign On (SSO) for your customers. To be able to utilize this effectively you need to force your customers to create an account on your site (or get a plugin that does that for you as soon as the order gets completed).

TEST DRIVE BEFORE YOU BUY! – You can always use the demo site to configure the plugin using your credentials from AC and test things out – use “demo” for login and password.

This plugin will allow you to specify the course/meeting/webinar that you have created and setup in Adobe Connect (be it a hosted server or your own one as long as it runs version 8 or 9) and those who buy it online will be created as users and automatically added to that course/meeting/webinar in Adobe Connect!

They will even have a welcome e-mail sent to them from Adobe Connect (if you choose so in the plugin settings) and also get all of their login details as part of the order confirmation e-mail that WooCommerce sends out once you set the order to “Completed”

Just install the plugin, provide your Adobe Connect server details and some WooCommerce optional settings and you are ready to sell!

It is highly recommended to disable the error logging in the plugin settings once you fine tune it and all works well. Error logs will get quite big. Error logging is disabled by default.

Support is available on the site – or via the comments section above.

Plugin Logic

Once the order in WooCommerce is set to “Completed” (otherwise the plugin will not fire it’s actions) the plugin will
– check if there is a user in AC with the same email
– if YES then the plugin adds that existing user to a sold meeting/event/object
– if NO then the user with provided name and email is created anad then added to sold meeting/event/object, in this case, there is an option to send the welcome email to new user by/from Adobe
– An order confirmation email is sent by WooCommerce with the link to the sold meeting/webinar and the user credentials in AC.

Notes about known issues with Adobe Connect:

The Enable Enhanced Security parameter should be unchecked in the Administration – Account – More Settings for this plugin to work. Perhaps it’s an undocumented feature or a bug, but the list of meetings is unavailable when this feature of Adobe Connect is enabled, although authentication of this plugin supports SSL and the process completes successfully.
There is a delay between object creation time and time this object will be available via API. In reality this means that once you create a meeting, it will only show up in the meeting list (in the product configuration) in about one hour.
E-mail addresses used by your customers during the registration for other Adobe products may cause ‘conflicts’ where it would be impossible to register for Adobe Connect using that email, therefore the plugin will fail to create a user on AC server as well.
How to update


Upload files overwriting the old plugin files. Versions more than 2.0 WILL DESTROY the plugin options on un-installation (‘delete’ option on plugins page). This applies only for the plugin settings. All product metadata will remain.

After enabling the “My Account” integration, if you get 404 errors, please use the “Database Update” button in the plugin settings to fix it. (this action will also flush all redirect rules in WP)

Change Log for version 3.1

– Bug fix – rewriting rules caused 500 error on some servers. Soft rewrite implemented to fix this.

– Bug fix – now pulling the AC login credentials from the first order only. All other credentials contain notes and therefore unusable.

Change Log for version 3.0

– Added Single Sign on! Read on.

– Added support of purchasing multiple events

– Added integration into “My Account” page of Woocommerce. New custom section will contain a list of events/meetings/webinars purchased with a button to go directly to the event. This is where all Single Sign On (SSO) magic happens!

– A few bugfixes and minor improvements

Change Log for version 2.0.1

– Bug fix – if there were no user groups created in Adobe Connect that would result in inability to edit products

Change Log for version 2.0

– MAJOR code update. Some database fields will be updated once this version is installed and activated. PLEASE BACKUP YOUR DB AND SITE ALWAYS BEFORE UPDATES.
– On un-installation (‘delete’ option on the plugins page) this plugin will clean up after itself and remove all plugin settings from the database. Configured products will not be effected. – Added Option to use email as login. Selection in WC should match Policy in AC
– Added a choice of AC group to add the user to once the transaction is completed. Groups should be created in AC first in order to show up in the selection box
– Added selection of the password length. Default usually works well but in some cases people use very long passwords. Now the plugin can be configured to account for that.
– Added Event objects to the object selection list
– Added button to open log file in a new window
– Added button to empty a log file
– Added button to manually update database (just in case)
– Transition to get-my-meetings vs bulk-object-report as some clients are not seeing bulk objects due to unknown bug/feature in AC
– ‘AC Details’ renamed to ‘Adobe Connect’ by default
– Added universal “DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR” for better compatibility.
– Changed password generator to include small letter, capital letter and a number in the password generated and used in user registration with Adobe Connect.

Change Log for version 1.4.1

– Product Tab should now work with custom product types
– Meetings/Webinars in the drop down box on the product AC tab are now listed in ascending order

Change Log for version 1.4

– Bug fixed where the last meeting on the list had no ID (in the product configuration screen)
– Bug fixed where the link to the meeting was not showing on the front end as the result of the bug above

Change Log for version 1.3

– Added an option to the product page to select any available type of object in Adobe Connect (based on archive, attachment, authorware, captivate, course, curriculum, external-event, flv, image, meeting, presentation, and swf)

Change Log for version 1.2

– Improved security. Thanks to First10. Highly recommended to update 1.1 to this version.

Change Log for version 1.1

– Fixed paths for the hosted *nix environments (CURL was not functioning on some shared hosts like Hostgator)
– Improved functionality: now if there is no meeting selected in the product settings, Woo will not even talk to Adobe
– New option for the link to the meeting on the custom tab

This is how to configure the product to link to Adobe Connect meetings/course.