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WC to AC changelog

Change Log for version 3.1

– Bug fix – rewriting rules caused 500 error on some servers. Soft rewrite implemented to fix this.

– Bug fix – now pulling the AC login credentials from the first order only. All other credentials contain notes and therefore unusable.

Change Log for version 3.0

– Added Single Sign on! Read on.

– Added support of purchasing multiple events

– Added integration into “My Account” page of Woocommerce. New custom section will contain a list of events/meetings/webinars purchased with a button to go directly to the event. This is where all Single Sign On (SSO) magic happens!

– A few bugfixes and minor improvements

Change Log for version 2.0.1

– Bug fix – if there were no user groups created in Adobe Connect that would result in inability to edit products

Change Log for version 2.0

– MAJOR code update. Some database fields will be updated once this version is installed and activated. PLEASE BACKUP YOUR DB AND SITE ALWAYS BEFORE UPDATES.
– On un-installation (‘delete’ option on the plugins page) this plugin will clean up after itself and remove all plugin settings from the database. Configured products will not be effected. – Added Option to use email as login. Selection in WC should match Policy in AC
– Added a choice of AC group to add the user to once the transaction is completed. Groups should be created in AC first in order to show up in the selection box
– Added selection of the password length. Default usually works well but in some cases people use very long passwords. Now the plugin can be configured to account for that.
– Added Event objects to the object selection list
– Added button to open log file in a new window
– Added button to empty a log file
– Added button to manually update database (just in case)
– Transition to get-my-meetings vs bulk-object-report as some clients are not seeing bulk objects due to unknown bug/feature in AC
– ‘AC Details’ renamed to ‘Adobe Connect’ by default
– Added universal “DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR” for better compatibility.
– Changed password generator to include small letter, capital letter and a number in the password generated and used in user registration with Adobe Connect.

Change Log for version 1.4.1

– Product Tab should now work with custom product types
– Meetings/Webinars in the drop down box on the product AC tab are now listed in ascending order

Change Log for version 1.4

– Bug fixed where the last meeting on the list had no ID (in the product configuration screen)
– Bug fixed where the link to the meeting was not showing on the front end as the result of the bug above

Change Log for version 1.3

– Added an option to the product page to select any available type of object in Adobe Connect (based on https://helpx.adobe.com/adobe-connect/webservices/common-xml-elements-attributes.html archive, attachment, authorware, captivate, course, curriculum, external-event, flv, image, meeting, presentation, and swf)

Change Log for version 1.2

– Improved security. Thanks to First10. Highly recommended to update 1.1 to this version.

Change Log for version 1.1

– Fixed paths for the hosted *nix environments (CURL was not functioning on some shared hosts like Hostgator)
– Improved functionality: now if there is no meeting selected in the product settings, Woo will not even talk to Adobe
– New option for the link to the meeting on the custom tab