How we work

From a simple one pager to an online shop – we use WorPress (WP) for the backbone and core of our websites. Using the premium themes we put together very pretty and professionally designed websites. Our platform of choice (WordPress) is a VERY flexible and mature with advanced administration panel. Not only it is very secure and modern, it is suitable for everything that a website owner would like to have on a webpage. So we thought: “Why reinvent the wheel?” and decided to offer our clients only the best of the best.

What we need from you to create a website

If you do not know where to start, give us a call and we can give you a short consultation on creation of a website and on all steps involved. Here is a little breakdown of what will be required from you:

  1. A website needs a name (domain name). This might be the toughest part – come up with the name for your site.
  2. Then it needs a hosting provider – disk space where all of it’s files would be located and served to the world from. So you’ll need to decide if you would like us to take care of the hosting for you or register domain and hosting in your name.
  3. A website itself needs to be created and placed onto that diskspace. Here we need you only to choose the design and give us input on the general layout preferences. We’ll take care of the rest.
  4. Once the core and theme are running together nicely – we’ll need you to fill the site with info. Or alternatively we could do this for you with information provided by you (that would be an hourly rate)
  5. Once all is up and running you need to promote your new nice and shiny website to your clients